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Anti Aging Face Cream – 7 Ways to Find the Best Anti Aging Face Cream For You

Finding an anti aging face cream  that is best for you can be a daunting experience.  There are so many products to choose from.  And how do you know if they are going to work?  Below are seven ways you can use to find the right product for you. 

Ask Your Doctor:  the first place to start when looking for the right anti aging face cream is to ask your dermatologist. After all, your doctor is more familiar with your skin that anyone other than you.  He also has the most up to date information on what will work best for your skin.  He will be able to write you a prescription for a  face cream that can be stronger than anything you would get over the counter.  If you don’t have a dermatologist, the following suggestions will be helpful to you as well.

Search the Web:  seems simple enough, right? Just type in anti aging face cream and see what comes up. This can certainly be helpful bu what I suggest is that you check medical websites that have information on skin care.  Websites like the Mayo Clinic and Web MD are great places to start gathering information.  They may or may not make specific recommendations but it’s a start.

Ask Your Friends:  asking your friends if they use an anti aging skin product is a simple and effective way to get a product review that you trust.  Which of your friends look the most youthful considering their age?  Maybe they have discovered a fabulous new skin cream that is just what you’ve been looking for.

Ask Strangers:  okay, asking strangers might sound a little odd but think about it. If you see a woman who looks fantastic for her age why not strike up a conversation by remarking how beautiful her skin is and ask her if she wouldn’t mind telling you what products she uses.  Most women will be thrilled to get the compliment and will be happy to comply.

Cosmetics Departments:  cosmetic departments are another source of anti aging face cream information. Most upscale cosmeticians are educated in the latest and greatest creams and serums.  But be careful, cosmeticians are also sales people who have an incentive to sell you products.  Most are there because they love what they do so they shouldn’t pressure you into buying something you don’t want.

Magazines:  women’s magazines can have a wealth of information about anti aging products.  Many magazines provide reviews from their editors who have tried the products and can offer their un-biased opinions.  Sometimes even the advertisements can give you an idea from their sales copy if the anti aging face cream is something you think will work for you.

Research Ingredients:  researching anti aging face cream ingredients is important in your search for the best product for you. Going back to the web, search for the best anti aging ingredients that are recommended by medical professionals and researchers.  With this knowledge you can then search for products that contain these ingredients and make the best choice for you.
Of course the best anti aging face cream is something you probably already have in your medicine cabinet – sunscreen.  But if you’re interested in finding the best anti aging product for you start with these seven tips and treat your skin right. If you have found this article helpful, I would like to invite you to check out for more great information of taking care of your skin as you get older.

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Fatigue Nutrition Is The New Sports Nutrition

Today I am a proposing a new definition to the popular term Sports Nutrition. I would like Sports Nutrition to be called Fatigue Nutrition. Why? Because I believe that all endurance sports are based on the body’s ability to combat fatigue.I have been a runner now for 10 years and the most constant factor that affects my training and racing is fatigue. When the body and mind become fatigued only rest or nutrition can reverse the effects.Fatigue Nutrition is based on common sense and real life research. The common sense is eating a balanced diet consisting of non processed foods, fruits and vegetables. The research comes from 10 years of running and studying the great minds of endurance exercise and sports nutrition.Have you ever wondered what effects diet and rest have on endurance exercise? Try running a half marathon after eating a hamburger, French fries and a 32 oz soda. You would instantly know why Fatigue Nutrition is so important. Or try running a marathon after only sleeping two or three hours a night for a week.How does Fatigue Nutrition work? By eating nutrient rich foods that the body needs to build and repair itself. Timing the intake of food with fluids to charge the mind and body for increased fatigue resistance.Meal timing is the most misunderstood concept of Fatigue Nutrition. To successfully complete an endurance exercise session one must hydrate properly, eat properly and allow time for the body to utilize the nutrients and hydration that it has received. A common misconception is that the body needs food before a morning workout. Believe it or not food that was consumed from supper the day before will still provide the fuel for a great workout. Why? The muscles still have glycogen stored in them that will provide energy to use. You will still need to hydrate before the start of your morning workout of course.Why this works so well is because the food was completely digested and the muscles are receiving the oxygenated blood in full supply. When the muscles have to share blood with the stomach during digestion they are sharing oxygen and blood volume.After the morning workout, Fatigue Nutrition plays an extremely important role. As soon as you have completed your workout begin recovery. Drink 16 – 32 oz of a sports drink. Take your shower and have a good breakfast. Oatmeal with fruit and granola is an excellent choice. By refueling the body as well as the mind you will reduce fatigue during your work day and also be more alert to perform your daily tasks.People will be amazed at how productive they will be during the day after working out in the morning. Following Fatigue Nutrition guidelines in the morning and getting a good night’s rest you will be unstoppable.